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  • Character Management

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  • Profile Archive

    All character profiles will be posted here! The signup template will be posted here, as well; when making a new character, just copy and paste the form into a new post, and fill it out. You'll receive a PM once you're accepted! You can edit your profile at any time to add new abilities or items, or just to keep the profile up to date. Just don't add anything you didn't earn! Also remember to have a separate account for each of your characters.
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    Gerhard Boscht
    11/21/2014, 10:19 am
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  • Shopping District

    Any purchases of new abilities, powers, techniques, or even weapons and other miscellaneous gear should be posted here. You don't have to wait for approval to purchase anything; once you've posted, feel free to edit your profile to reflect your new loot (not to mention the money or experience you spent on it). Herein also lies the new tech/item approval thread, where you can petition for moves and equipment unique to your character.
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    Custom Techs/Items Thread
    11/21/2014, 11:59 pm
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  • Roleplay Section

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  • Unanimous Gear

    Unanimous Gear is a massive nation-state broken into various prefectures, perhaps the most densely populated location in the world. At its center is a tightly packed sky high metropolis, drowning in neon lights and media influence. Lighter suburban areas and tourist heavy beaches reach toward the edges of the continent, and even the outlying islands are beginning to see construction as Unanimous Gear itself runs out of room.
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    Kinderkaiju Cop
    1/3/2015, 2:07 am
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  • Oceans and Islands

    There's many an adventure to be had out on the high seas. Pirates, sea monsters, submerged treasure and even entire civilizations buried beneath the waves. There are also various islands dotting the landscape, isolated fragments of land isolated from Unanimous Gear proper. Some house newly established cities, offshoots of the mainland; others feature more primal tribes, villainous lairs, and creatures undiscovered by science as we know it.
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    A Witch Awakens
    10/23/2014, 3:22 pm
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  • Out of Character

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  • Plot Discussion

    A major part of play on Grasp at Stars is getting on the same wavelength as the people you're playing with. This is the forum for discussion character relationships, canon behavior, the direction of your scenes, or even to recruit people for future setups. Consider it a workshop for any out-of-character discussions of in-character events. Remember that, as with all out of character conversing, the discussions do need to remain civil.
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    Halloween Quest, anyone?
    2/2/2015, 1:30 pm
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  • Questions & Suggestions

    This is the place for discussing the mechanics of the game, particularly with staff (though conversing for its own sake is fine too!). Any questions about specific rules, ideas for new rules or mechanics, or even just thoughts on how to make the site run a little smoother, can all be thrown in this direction. We're going to keep this section open to guests, so potential newcomers can ask questions before making any major decisions.
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    Reorient Toward Setting Building?
    11/16/2014, 6:56 am
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    Advertisements for other websites, forums, and RPGs should be posted here. Because forumotion doesn't allow guests to post external links (really, and yes it is dumb), this forum has an account specifically for posting links with. To advertise, sign into our forum as Guest Advertiser. The password is Guest1234. Yes, it's a lot of work. Yes, I am very sorry.
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    Break These Chains (MARVEL AU)
    2/2/2015, 8:07 am
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